Estimating how much concrete you need for your project can be a tough, time-consuming task.

Underestimate and you could find that work grinds to a halt while you wait for another concrete delivery. Overestimate and you could end up paying for much more than you need and even having to foot expensive waste disposal bills.

Here at CEC Ltd, we have enabled our customers to wave goodbye to the costs and frustrations associated with over or under ordering concrete.

Our fleet of four top-of-the-range volumetric mixers, also available as part of our out-of-hours service, mean that your concrete can be mixed on site, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will only be paying for what you use – not a penny more.

These innovative machines are popular with both our domestic and commercial clients, as they mean that mix design and water content can be adjusted at any time on site.

Part load charges are also a thing of the past, as we are able to mix only as much concrete as you need for your project, so we can guarantee that there will be no waste.

Often, we are also able to do away with the need for costly pumps, as each of our mixers can reach up to 6m from the rear of our trucks.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers top quality CEM 1 cement and the finest quality limestone aggregates from deep down within the quarry that we operate from, which can be used for a wide range of purposes. We never use substitutes to bulk out our products.

BSA Logo

We are a member of the BSA (Batched on Site Association) and adhere to their strict code of conduct, so you can be sure that that our trucks are operated and maintained to the highest standards .

We also supply:

  • Concrete for Patterned Driveways, including fibres and air entrainer
  • Foam concrete – as much as 12㎥ per load
  • Concrete for pumps including 10mm aggregates
  • Concrete for a variety of other purposes – just ask!

Our out-of-hours service means that we can help your project to achieve its programme requirements. Ideal for road closures, weekend and night working, we can supply concrete out of hours at a fraction of the cost of a traditional batching plant concrete supplier.

We also offer a full concrete cube testing service.

No job is too big or too small for our experienced team. We can supply anything from 1㎥ of concrete and pride ourselves on getting our lorries to locations no-one else will attempt to reach – get in touch  today to find out how we could help with your project.

Why use CEC Ltd for your ready-mix concrete delivery?

With 40 years’ experience in the industry, we have the skills and expertise required for a wide range of projects.

We offer:

  • Concrete ‘on tap’ – delivered in our top-of-the-range volumetric mixers
  • Very competitive rates
  • Friendly, reliable service
  • We never rush deliveries
  • We do everything we can to be as helpful as possible
  • Extensive laying knowledge really does help us understand our customers’ needs and requirements
  • We will get our lorries in many places that our competitors will not